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Enabling & Encouraging Breastfeeding


Brighton and Hove Best for Babies

Using Creative Methods to Gain Insight

Brilliant Futures worked with Brighton and Hove City Council, PCT and key partners on a month-long social marketing[file3] project, which used innovative ways including mobile video diary room, creative workshops and online interactive website to gain insight into people's attitudes, behaviours and beliefs about breastfeeding in public and when returning to work, including those traditionally hard to interest in the subject: teenage boys; dads; employers and the elderly.  Insight generated undertstanding as to the barriers facing mothers and the benefits they sought.

The qualitative research has generated valuable in-depth insight. Brighton and Hove PCT and City Council will now be working with the target audience and key stakeholders to generate facilities and practices that support, enable and encourage mothers of all ages and from all socio-economic groups to breastfeed with confidence, respect for others and in a way that suits them, both in public and when returning to work. The social marketing approach helped to establish that any ensuing policies and practices would be acceptable to a wide range of the local population.