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Brilliant Reading

Brilliant Reading helps children aged 7–11 to improve their reading skills and to build their self-confidence and motivation. We recruit, train and support volunteer reading helpers to work on a one-to-one basis with children who find reading a challenge.

Since its launch last September Brilliant Reading has gone from strength [file1]to strength.We now have over 35 volunteers from the community and local businesses working in 13 schools across Brighton and Hove. At the end of her first year one volunteer says 'the class teacher made me realise that my weekly input both with reading and support has been of great value to the three little girls I work with and I have enjoyed it and learnt a lot'.

Why Brilliant Reading? 

Almost 90% of today’s jobs in our high tech information age require basic communication skills. Research shows that people with poor basic skills are four times more likely to experience long-term unemployment.

In Sussex schools there is a growing need for one-to-one help in literacy and reading. We aim to satisfy some of that demand with a good value service which utilises the skills, energy and time of committed volunteers from a range of backgrounds and experiences.

The benefits

Brilliant Reading provides literacy support and mentoring to pupils who are struggling with their reading – those who lack confidence, language skills or parental involvement. Schools work hard to raise attainment, but they are often unable to provide the individual support some children need. By complementing other activities, a Brilliant Reading volunteer can build confidence, self-esteem and raise individual attainment in reading.

How it works

Our volunteers support selected pupils aged between 7 and 11 years. Using materials supplied by the school, and in close collaboration with the teacher, a volunteer usually works with each child for a half hour session once a week away from the classroom environment. Some volunteers are also encouraged to support guided reading and comprehension sessions. Many work with children who have English as a second language.

About our volunteers

Our volunteers are recruited from local businesses, universities and the general public. They all have a love of reading and the time, patience and desire to work with children. All attend a training programme on skills, strategies and good practice in supporting children’s reading progress. They also receive top up training and ongoing support. Each applicant is interviewed and CRB checked. Volunteers usually spend an hour a week in the school and work with two children in that time.

Further information

If you would like more information, please contact Brilliant Reading on 0845 478 6378/ 01273 494999 or via e-mail to