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Feel Good Factory

Making healthy living fun, normal and easy for families

Brilliant Futures are excited to be starting a new venture in the local community to put our behaviour change theory and knowledge into action. We are launching The Feel Good Factory, a venue to help make it easy, fun, attractive and the 'normal' choice for families to feel good and have healthy lifestyles. We want to offer a range of activities, products and services that help families feel good while helping make it easier for parents to motivate and enable their children to eat well, be active and fulfil their potential.


Concepts include the 'fun food factory' where we can use commercial display, packaging and promotional techniques to make healthy options the popular choice and indoor active fun sessions to help promote fun physical activity at home.

We're developing concepts based on national and local insight and are currently conducting research in our community to shape this offering and will update you as the project develops. If you'd like to hear more, do get in touch.