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Helping children feel good at school

61_106_FeelGood.jpg The Feel Good Programme is an insight driven behaviour change intervention delivered in schools in Brighton and Hove.

Using a fun, motivating combination of forum theatre, experiential food and activity workshops and a three week incentivised home and classroom based challenge. Children are encouraged to adopt behaviours that will help them 'feel good'.

Participants help the Managers of the 'feel good factory' to turn their business around by considering what 'products and services' they can create and promote to encourage people to eat feel good foods, do feel good activity and have feel good thoughts.....

The programme was developed using consumer insight into the barriers to healthy eating and activity experienced by children and their families and developed to work with the community's social norms and make the positive behaviours as fun, easy, normal and attractive as possible.

Brilliant Futures has co-funded this work, though a percentage of the profits generated through our social marketing work.