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How We Work

A Social Enterprise

We have a social enterprise arm using social marketing for community projects. A percentage of the time of all our team and & profits contributes to social marketing at a grassroots level.

Work Informed by 'On the Ground' Experience

Through our work at different levels including academia, training, practical projects in the community and consultancy; we have a strong knowledge of what works, what tools and techniques are most effective and can draw on evidence and learning from other projects to inform our work.

We Want our Clients to Become the Experts

We are passionate about enabling others to use social marketing rather than encouraging dependency on consultancy. All our work aims to embed social marketing within the client's organisations.

Diverse skills and experience

Our team offers different skills and experience to bring a specialist approach to all our projects. Our Managing Director and other associates are Senior Lecturers in Social Marketing, providing a academic underpinning to our work. A number of our associates are also accredited associates of the National Social Marketing Centre, ensuring national policy developments are integrated into our work.