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3rd Dec 2008

HSJ Social Marketing Award

Congratulations to our clients, Stoke on Trent PCT

As fellow social marketers,  you might be interested in reading about Stoke on Trent’s award winning social marketing project to reduce smoking rates during pregnancy. The project was this week voted the ‘best social marketing project’ at the HSJ awards, with judges praising it as ‘an excellent project that scored highly on all criteria… that is highly replicable – potentially at a national level’

Brilliant Futures worked with Stoke on Trent PCT to apply the social marketing ‘national benchmark criteria’ and produce an end to end social marketing project that achieved measurable, cost effective behaviour change.

About the Project
The project set out to: explore what it is like to be a pregnant smoker in Stoke-on-Trent; identify factors that influence the behaviour of pregnant smokers; increase the recruitment of pregnant smokers to the stop-smoking service; and review and redesign the existing stop-smoking service.

As a result of this work, the programme gained insight into how future service delivery should be repositioned. The women said they wanted help in an informal group setting, with an element of "me time".

A pilot intervention which includes a new themed stop-smoking club was developed. Sessions at the club include relaxation therapy, which provides the desired "me time" and helps women learn new techniques that will help them to quit smoking.Results

The group sessions produced an average conversion rate of 60%from a set quit date to four weeks later. Group members report increased self-esteem and well-being. At the end of 2007-08, the service had delivered 121 four-week quitters, compared with 38 in 2006-07.

Learning From the Project
For more information about the project, email or, who will be happy to share the learnings from the project.