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Our Values

We are a values driven organisation, always seeking to maintain the following values in how we work internally and with our clients:


Our practical, grass roots experience informs all that we do – we have genuine social marketing experience, having come from social marketing, not to it.

We are open, honest and transparent in how we conduct our business.

We seek to be trusted and respected by all our clients for the work we do and importantly, how we do it.


We have a can do attitude, always ‘finding a way’.
We seek to always provide a positive experience for those working with us.

We carry out our work with enthusiasm, energy and a genuine interest in the impact of what we do.


Brilliant Futures people are driven by making a difference and care passionately about the impact and outcomes of what we do. We care deeply about what we do and how we do it, enabling as many people as possible to make a difference.
We are motivated and inspired by the projects we work on and the people we work with.

Needs Driven

We always seek to understand and respond to our clients’, audiences’ and staff needs.

We have a flexible approach, enabling as many people as possible to use social marketing, regardless of experience, budget or other constraints.

We work with our clients to leave a legacy of skills and knowledge from each project to genuinely build capacity.


We are proud of what we do and believe that only our best is good enough.

We seek to exceed expectations at all times, delivering real quality, honestly priced.


We want to grow the social marketing and behaviour change field, providing a testing ground for new theories, interventions and resources.

We work in and with the academic sector to generate new thinking and ensure our work is evidence-based.

We are always willing to try new things, find new ways to do things and share developments and knowledge.