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Reducing Smoking in Pregnancy

Award Winning 'Me 2' Project

75_83_Me_2.jpg An insight driven approach to reducing smoking

during pregnancy

Stoke-on-Trent PCT appointed Brilliant Futures as consultants for a social marketing project to reduce smoking during pregnancy.

'Me 2' demonstrated that gaining in-depth understanding (INSIGHT) of your target audience really does make a difference - the project team’s mantra throughout was:  “Are we giving the women the help THEY need and not what we think they should have?“  

A rigorous scoping phase helped the team gain a real understanding of their target audience’s smoking habits: why they did it; what they thought and felt about smoking; what was stopping them from giving up; awareness of local support services and attitudes towards them etc.

This initial research helped the project team really start to understand the behaviour of the women and what was getting in the way of them stopping smoking.  It identified that one of the key reasons why they smoked was that it gave them ‘me time’, time to relax and take their mind of things.

This was the nugget of insight which led to the development of a new style, motivational club branded ‘Me2’.  ‘Me2’ offered the women the opportunity to take time out and be pampered as well as stop smoking help and advice.

The result has been an increased engagement with the smoking cessation service, a 300% reduction in smoking rates and a prestigious Health Service Journal Award for the project.

Download the full project report here.