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Current Social Marketing Projects

East Cambridgeshire Health and Wellbeing Partnership: Using Healthy Foundations to develop targeted behaviour change interventions.

Working with the East Cambridgeshire Health and Wellbeing Partnership we have generated actionable insight to guide the development of behaviour change interventions aimed at reducing health inequalities in Littleport, the most deprived super output area in East Cambridgeshire. Using the DH's Healthy Foundations segmentation model to research the local population, and the insight of key stakeholders from a variety of sectors, we have developed practical interventions founded on insight about target audience's health motivations and behaviours. We have also adopted a mentoring approach, providing advice and practical resources to the project manager, in order to build social marketing skills and capacity within NHS Cambridgeshire (the lead agency).

NHS West Sussex: Reducing alcohol related hospital admissions among 18-24 year olds

Working with the Health Improvement team at NHS West Sussex we are using insight from data kept by public sector organisations and stakeholders, as well as the target audience, to fully understand the issues of alcohol related harm and recommend interventions to reduce levels of hospital admissions and A&E attendances caused by alcohol. In order to conduct in depth research with this audience on a potentially sensitive subject, we used an innovative methodology utilising social networking to build insight into actual, as well as claimed, behaviours.

NHS Stoke on Trent: Moving from insight into action on Smoke Free Homes

The Health Improvement team at NHS Stoke on Trent have conducted a thorough piece of research into familiesí attitudes and behaviours regarding smoking in the home. We are supporting them put this insight into practice by facilitating the development and implementation of an intervention plan that includes pre-testing intervention concepts and messages, setting benchmarks for future evaluation and engaging with internal and external stakeholders who are in a position to encourage behaviour change amongst the target audience.

Dorset Cancer Network: Reducing sun bed use amongst 13-25 year olds

The Dorset Cancer Network commissioned Brilliant Futures to conduct an end-to-end social marketing initiative to change tanning behaviour amongst young sun bed users, specifically in Bournemouth and Weymouth & Portland. This has involved a thorough scoping exercise using a range of primary and secondary research methods to determine the local prevalence and fully understand the tanning behaviour of young people, as well as the messages and tactics of the competition. Based on the recommendations from our scoping report we are piloting a behaviour change intervention in partnership with Weymouth College. This will be fully evaluated for future development across the county.