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Increasing Physical Activity and Healthy Eating

Step it up, Keep it up, Cook it up

An Insight Driven Approach to Childhood Obesity

Southwark Health and Social Care appointed Brilliant Futures to provide qualitative research and consultancy to develop a suitable pilot scheme to tackle overweight and obesity levels in the borough. 

The intervention was developed from stakeholder engagement activities, insight generation with parents and the Department of Health national obesity research findings.  The intervention focused on physical activity and healthy eating with different elements for audience segments and behavioural goals.

‘Step it up, Cook it up, Keep it up’ was a multi-layered intervention aimed at parents and children which took place in two pilot schools in February/March, 2008.

The intervention has been well received by both parents and children alike and there is self reporting evidence of behavioural change by parents and that new, healthier meals are being served at home.  The teachers report real changes in the attitude of children to being active and the principles of the intervention are being incorporated into the school routine and philosophy moving forward.