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Training & Capacity Building

Enabling you to use Social Marketing to Change Behaviour

We work with public, private and third sector organisations and individuals to address behavioural challenges. We intregrate social marketing tools and techniques, together with other behaviour change disciplines to make positive behaviour easy, normal, obvious and attractive.

We use a blend of products and services to enable others to maximise the potential of social marketing and other behaviour change disciplines to achieve positive social, health and environmental behaviour:

  • Training in social marketing concepts, skills and techniques and audience or topic specific events

  • Training needs analysis and capacity building to increase social marketing knowledge, skills and capacity within organisations

  • Social Marketing coaching and mentoring to support organisations planning, or undertaking, social marketing interventions

  • E-learning and online toolkits, enabling organisations to build capacity and skills in a flexible way through on-line learning which can be undertaken independently or as part of a wider blended learning programme including workshops and/or coaching and consultancy.

Training Needs Analysis

A number of NHS organisations are looking to build sustainable in-house capacity and capability in social marketing and behaviour change, recognising that it can help contribute to World Class Commissioning, Health Inequalities and Patient and Public Engagement agendas. Social Marketing sits across a number of roles and divisions of an organisation and Brilliant Futures can undertake an organisation-wide training needs assessment, based on the National Occupational Standards in Social Marketing. This will identify gaps in knowledge and skills across divisions and the organisation as a whole. Brilliant Futures can then provide recommendations for a capacity building plan to upskill relevant staff. Brilliant Futures can subsequently work with organisations to develop and deliver on this capacity building plan, using a blended learning approach including workshops, e-learning and coaching support.