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Using Social Marketing

The aim of Social Marketing is to move people to action, not just give them information. It uses the tools and techniques from commercial marketing to stimulate voluntary behaviour change, helping individuals to achieve and sustain positive and healthier lifestyles.

Social Marketing's success comes from the principle of starting with the consumer -  developing a comprehensive understanding of real people in real situations,  understanding what motivates them and then ‘selling’ the benefits of particular behaviours to them in their own way and on their own terms. 

This ‘insight’ driven approach recognises that people don’t exist in isolation and that they operate in contexts where they are interacting with complex networks of key influencers and influences.  Successful social marketing will, therefore, be consumer led and customer-focused and this is why research and consultation are the key starting points for any successful project.

Social marketing also recognises that there is no such thing as targeting the general public and, like commercial marketing, uses techniques such as market segmentation to produce appropriately targeted communications and activities.