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What We Do

Working with You To Change Behaviour

We use social marketing, choice architecture and other behaviour change techniques to help organisations encourage and enable positive social and health behaviours to build a brilliant future for children, young people and their families.

Real behaviour change not just increasing awareness

We know that increasing knowledge and awareness alone will not change behaviour, but that we need to help create the right environment and conditions to make positive behaviour as easy, attractive, popular and normal as its competition.

We provide practical project support and training to public and private sector organisations to generate insight driven solutions to behavioural challenges.

Social marketing is far more than just communications and we use audience insight to work with partners, change systems, services and policy and develop products to achieve real behaviour change.  We have an extensive track record in delivering real social marketing support; including being awarded the HSJ social marketing award for Me2, our innovative project to reduce smoking in pregnancy.

Social Enterprise

As a social enterprise, a percentage of profits and time contributes towards the developmnents of practical behavioural change interventions in our local community to help children and young people achieve brilliant futures.

This practical experiece informs all our work, ensuring we are a truly authentic organisation.


Value for Money

We believe in enabling as many people as possible to use these techniques and philosophy to generate positive behaviour and so have also developed a new range of value for money packages, enabling you to benefit from a social marketing approach with a limited budget.  

We also provide support with your projects, including:

  • Needs analysis and identifying the challenge
  • Recommendations for the segmentation of target audiences
  • Stakeholder events to gain insight, build partnerships and gain buy-in for social marketing projects
  • Secondary research and literature reviews
  • Primary research including innovative quantitative and qualitative methods to gain insight from ‘hard to reach’ groups
  • Exchange and competition analysis
  • Research, analysis and identification of key insights
  • Development of behavioural goals
  • Developing recommendations for interventions
  • Scoping reports integrating all of the above
  • Developing insight-driven social marketing interventions
  • Managing social marketing interventions
  • Evaluation of social marketing interventions
  • Recommendations for follow up, sustainability or extension of projects

Contact us to find out how we can help you develop an insight driven approach to behavioural challenges.